A Plan to Save Jefferson County from Financial Collapse

Jefferson County has filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history causing a tidal wave of negative repercussions due to its inability to raise enough revenue to pay bills and to fund critical county services. Not only is it making the everyday lives of county citizens more difficult, but this inaction will continue to have a negative impact on Jefferson County and the state as a whole when we go to the bond market to borrow money for local road, bridge and school infrastructure projects [See Chicago Tribune article here]. I believe we can still do something to save Jefferson County from future financial ruin if we act now.

We have to attack this ongoing debacle by solving both of the crisis' in Jefferson County - its troubled sewer system and financial shortfalls. Tough decisions must be made both in the Alabama Legislature and at home by our County Commission to ensure that we begin restoring Jefferson County's reputation in the interest of current and future generations. No revenue or any other proposal should be considered in Montgomery that does not address all of Jefferson County's ongoing financial and sewer problems.

Please contact your local elected officials - county commissioners, state Senators and state Representatives - and ask them to support a plan for Jefferson County that will provide a solution to the escalating sewer debt crisis while also creating the revenue needed for the county services we depend on every day.


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